Bassist, composer, music educator, researcher

Multimedia recordings:

2006 Jonathan Crossley: Live (Next Music NEXTDV 003 DVD)
2002 Africlipse Soundscape Collective:
Fire of the Life (Pangaea Realities CD-ROM)

CD recordings:

2014 The Hinds Brothers:
Ocean of Milk
2007 Strings and Skins:
Passages in Time (2007)
2007 Lydia vom Hagen:
Red (Nataniël House of Music CDNHM 019)
2005 Jonathan Crossley:
my friends and I (RPM CDRPM 1904)
2005 Feedback:
Stage, Studio and Surgery 1975, vols 1 and 2 (Private release)
2004 The Mavr!x:
Guantanamo Bay (Private release)
2002 Steve Dyer:
Son of the Soil (Ikwezi SLCD 020)
Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band (private release)
2000 Gavin Minter:
The second time around (Chord Records 11)
2000 Malané Hofmeyr-Burger:
Air (JNS JNSD94)
2000 Paul Hanmer:
Playola (Sheer SSCD 056)
2000 McCoy Mrubata:
Hoelykit? (Sheer SSCD 059)
1999 The Mutant Harmony Trio:
Song for Ancestors (Tequila NEB 0247)
1998 Nataniël:
Slow Tear (CDNHM009)
1997 Thysis:
Bunny on brick (Wolmer Records WOL 001)
Musical Soirée (Private release)
1996 Tony Cox:
Cool Friction (Sheer SSCD 015)
1996 Jannie du Toit:
Volgende Winter (JNS JNSD44)
1996 Tandie Klaasen and Stef Bos:
Together as one (HKM 42001)
1995 Syd Kitchen:
City Child (Tekweni TEK007)

LP recordings:

1987 Marc Duby: Hello it’s me (SABC Transcription Service LT 22 446/7) – (double bass, fretted and fretless bass guitars, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, DX7, kalimba, and arrangements)
1987 Allen Kwela:
The Unknown (cassette tape)
1986 Joe Delew:
Sweet lady (SABC Transcription Service LT 20 884/5)
1984 Darius Brubeck:
Tugela Rail/Take Five (Right Track Records RTS 609)
1975 Morris Goldberg:
Urban Jazz Band (Atlantic ATC 8000)
1975 Morris Goldberg: The Morris Goldberg Quartet (MvN Records MVC 3644)