Bassist, composer, music educator, researcher

Since returning to Pretoria, I’ve been focused on settling in to the challenges of the new teaching gig,
nonetheless opportunities to play have been much appreciated. I have reunited with colleagues
like Karén Devroop, Godfrey Mgcina, Mageshen Naidoo, and others.

da band
mn & md
mn & md 02
With Mageshen Naidoo, Roland Moses, and Godfrey Mgcina (Northwest University June 2012)
With Rick van Heerden and Michael Baird (Grahamstown March 2010)
2008-April 2011 Grahamstown

• February 2010. “In the heart of the country” (Six compositions commissioned by SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts)
• March 2010. Trio concert with Michael Baird (Netherlands) and Rick van Heerden (Grahamstown)
• March 2010. Tim Kliphuis workshop with Joburg Youth Orchestra and ClassicFM concert (Johannesburg)
• April 2010. Meeting of the Spirits (Wits Arts and Literature Experience Festival, Wits University, Johannesburg)
• May 2010. Feedback unplugged (Cape Town)
• July 2010. Grahamstown Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival 2010 (appearances with Barney Rachabane, Darius Brubeck, Feya Faku, Malcolm Braff, Samuel Blaser, et al.)
in the clouds ovation award

• July 2010. Grahamstown Arts Festival 2010. "In the Clouds" with Steve Newman, Greg Georgiades, and Ashish Joshi. This series of concerts won a Fringe Ovation award
• September 2010. Appointed as joint panelist (Jazz/Popular and Western Art categories) for SAMRO International Composers’ Scholarship Competition
• October 2010. Concert with Karen Devroop, Mageshen Naidoo et al. (Centre for Jazz and Popular Music, UKZN, Durban).
• November 2010. Performed in, and supervised, joint Masters’ recital with Kingsley Buitendag and Steve Ellis (1 of 2)
• March 2011. Performed with Paul Hanmer, Dave Reynolds, and Lloyd Martin (RU Beethoven Room)
• March 2011. Performed in, and supervised, joint Masters’ recital with Kingsley Buitendag and Steve Ellis (2 of 2)
• March 2011. Tim Kliphuis workshop with JMI Orchestra (University of Pretoria) and ClassicFM concert (Johannesburg)

1992-2007 Pretoria

• Jack van Poll (Belgium, Pretoria 2007)
• Accompanist, SAMRO International Scholarships for Composers (2006)
• Luc Houtkamp POW Ensemble (Holland, Unyazi Festival, Johannesburg 2006)
• Ann Hampton Callaway (USA, Sun City Superbowl 2006)
• Dennis Tini, Chris Collins, Gary Wittner (USA), and Johan Hörlén (Sweden) (Standard Bank Jazz Festival Grahamstown 2006)
• Jack van Poll (Belgium, Pretoria 2004)
• Walter Thompson (USA, Paris 2003)
• François Jeanneau (France, Pretoria 2002 and Paris 2003)
• Bobby Shew and John Fedchock (USA, Pretoria 2003)
• Ernest Dawkins (USA, Pretoria 2003)
• Ola Bengtsson (Norway), Fredrik Noren (Sweden), Karlheinz Miklin (Austria)
(Grahamstown Jazz Festival)
• Professor Sanjoy Bandophadyaye et al (India 2000)
• Ernest Ranglin (Jamaica, WOMAD Festival, Johannesburg, 2000)
• Aavaaz (1997-1998)
A Touch of Webber, A Taste of Rice (Arabian Gulf 1994)

1984-1992 Durban
• "Peanuts" Hucko (USA)
• NAPAC Jazz Quartet
• Syd Kitchen
• Natal Philharmonic Orchestra
• Darius Brubeck (USA)
• Matthew Brubeck (USA)
• Evan Ziporyn (USA)
• Steve Robinson (UK)
• Deepak Ram
• More Garde than Avant

1972-1984 Cape Town
• Michele Maxwell (duo concert, Baxter Concert Hall 1975)
• Spike Milligan (UK)
• Stéphane Grappelli (France)
• Feedback
• David Bravo
• Morris Goldberg Urban Jazz Band
• Nol Klinkhamer