Bassist, composer, music educator, researcher

I really enjoy composing, which in a way is standing outside the music and letting others have their say. (Especially if you’re not playing yourself).

Here’s a partial list of pieces with approximate dates:

  • Seagull (1972)
  • Maaneland (1974)

We performed these pieces in
Feedback, one of the first bands I played in (Cape Town 1975-1978). Heady days they were too.

We played A blind bargain (1975) as recently as March 2011 in Kingsley and Steve’s second MMus recital.

Later compositions:

  • 2010 SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts commission: In the heart of the country
  • 2008 Incidental music for First Physical Theatre, Ozymandias (Flood, and The Lone and Level Sand)
  • 2006 Lydia vom Hagen Red CD included Red (2001)
  • 2002 Africlipse Soundscape Collective Fire of the Life, Pangaea Ambience (composed and arranged by Marc Duby, with Lydia vom Hagen: voice, Greg Georgiades: guitar, Jorik Pienaar: cymbals, and Marc Duby: fretless bass, bansuri, percussion, keyboards and programming)
  • 2002 When the train stops for no reason (commissioned by SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts)
  • 2001 Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band: The man with the blue guitar, Breakfast (on the edge of the desert), For now, The climb, Imagining Argentina, Something (in the undergrowth), Heartlight (for small jazz ensemble)
  • 2000 The man with the blue guitar (commissioned by SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts)
  • 1988 SABC transcription album included Seagull (1972), Maaneland (1974), and Sitting in the dark, walking into light (1987)
  • 1987 Le monocle de mon oncle (small ensemble)
  • 1985 The Sliding Mountain (for tape and free improvisation)

Unpublished and experimental work:
In 1991, just before I left Durban, I recorded some tracks with Barry van Zyl and Chris Merz in the studio at NAPAC thanks to Robin Shuttleworth. So here are the rough mixes of
Fanfare and Dance and Something (in the undergrowth) for your listening pleasure, as the cliché goes. In those days I was fair besotted with symphonisers and such, so I played bass and did the programming, and Barry played kit and Chris saxes.

Ten years later, Alan Webster asked me to direct the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band, with Ragnhild Tveitan (soprano), Simon Bates (tenor), Mzamo Bhengu (trumpet), Siya Makuzeni (trombone & vox), Matthew Boon (keys), Michael Bester (guitar), Shaun Johannes (bass), and Mike Horne (drums). Here are
For now (dedicated to my beloved Lydia) and Heartlight.

And finally,
Nine Terrains pt 1 and pt 2.